Fleet Canuck Restoration

The Vintage Wings of Canada Foundation is starting its first completely volunteer led aircraft restoration project.

The aircraft is a 1946 Fleet Canuck, acquired recently through a donation to the Foundation.  The aircraft, that last flew in 2017, was delivered to us complete, but disassembled.

The restoration work will be taking place at Arnprior Airport.  To date the aircraft has been positioned on the hangar at Arnprior, and an inventory of the various parts has been undertaken.

Although the aircraft is complete, there is quite a list things requiring attention and upgrades to complete, including the installation of radios.

We are now assembling the team to undertake the work necessary to complete the restoration of this aircraft.  All work on the aircraft will be undertaken under the supervision of appropriately licensed aircraft engineers and an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) as required by Transport Canada.

Once the restoration of the aircraft is complete, the plan is to have it available for rides and for our youth outreach programs, as well as pilot training and currency.

If you are interested in helping with this exciting project, please contact the Interim Team Lead, Kathryn Buchan at canuck@vintagewings.ca.

Although this is a volunteer project, funds are needed for the acquisition of parts and supplies as well as the cost of the necessary supervision and final sign-off of the project.  If you are able to support the restoration with a donation, please visit the donation page.