Remember WWII Project Donations

Remember WWII Project Donations

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The Vintage Wings of Canada foundation is proud to support the mission of WWII Remembers to document the stories of veterans across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. 

All donations made through this link will go directly to the WWII Remembers project to assist towards the costs associated with documentation of the our Canadian veterans.

Below is is excerpt from the website to provide the origins of this projects.

Remember WWII was birthed out of the desire of an 18 year-old high schooler, Rishi Sharma, who wanted to interview one WWII veteran on camera every single day. “Growing up, I had always been interested in WWII,” Rishi said, “Once high school was over, I hit the road to interview as many WWII veterans as I possibly could.” Five years and more than 1,100 interviews later, Rishi is still on the road and going strong, but recognizes that there are so many stories to be captured that his efforts alone will not be enough. He knows now he needs an Army of interviewers to complete the urgent goal he originally set. Rishi always mentions, “There will never be as many WWII veterans as there is today!” We must seize the moment and make sure no story is left behind.

With interviewers from around the world, the ambitious goal of capturing these testimonies from members of the Allied Forces will be available to future generations. Students or anyone wanting to learn about the war or hear first-hand accounts of veterans’ experiences can go to this online archive created for you, How exciting to listen to those from other countries who fought for freedom and to hear their unique perspective. We can accomplish this very urgent mission, but it will take all of us. Together, we can Remember WWII.

For more information and to read all about this exciting project please check out the Remember WWII website at

As Vintage Wings Foundation is a registered charity, and we are partnering with WWII Remembers, for any donations of a minimum 25$ a tax receipt will be provided.

We thank you for your donations and look forward to supporting the endeavour further.