Juno, Ted Barris Presentation & Beer Call - 7 Jun 2024

Juno, Ted Barris Presentation & Beer Call - 7 Jun 2024

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We are happy to welcome Ted Barris once again at the Vintage Wings' hangar to present his national bestseller, Juno, Canadians at D-Day,.

The evening will start at 6:00 p.m. and will include pizza and drinks for a nominal cost.

Copies of Juno will be available for purchase  during the event, and the author will be available for signatures after the presentation.

Hope to see you there!

Admission fee: $15 for Non-Members - Free for VWC Members.
Location: Vintage Wings of Canada
               1699 Arthur-Fecteau street
               Gatineau, QC
               J8R 2Z9

Ted Barris is an award-winning journalist, author, and broadcaster. His writing has regularly appeared in the national press, as well as magazines as diverse as Air Force, esprit de corps and Zoomer. He has also worked as host/contributor for most CBC Radio network programs, PBS in the U.S. and on TV Ontario. And after 18 years teaching, he recently retired as a full-time professor of journalism at Toronto’s Centennial College.

Barris is the author of 20 bestselling, non-fiction books, including a series on wartime Canada:

  • Rush to Danger: Medics in the Line of Fire 
  • Juno: Canadians at D-Day, June 6, 1944
  • Days of Victory: Canadians Remember 1939-1945
  • Behind the Glory: Canada's Role in the Allied Air War
  • Deadlock in Korea: Canadians at War, 1950-1953
  • Victory at Vimy: Canada Comes of Age, April 9-12, 1917
  • Breaking the Silence: Veterans' Untold Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan

His 17th book, The Great Escape: A Canadian Story, won the 2014 Libris Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award.

In 2018, RCAF Association awarded Ted Barris and his 18th book, Dam Busters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid against Nazi Germany, its 2018 NORAD Trophy for "significant and unequalled contribution to the preservation of Air Force values, traditions, history and heritage."

Battle of the Atlantic, Ted's 20th non-fiction book, was published in August of this year.

Here is a summary of the book.

Juno, Canadians at D-Day, June 6, 1944

On June 6, 1944, nearly 15,000 Canadians – at sea, in the air, and on the ground – joined the long-anticipated D-Day invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe on the Normandy beaches. The piece of ground on which the Canadians fought so hard against heavily armed and embedded German troops was codenamed Juno. On that day, the Canadian infantry fought their way farther inland than any other Allied troops. For Canada, and all Canadians, this was a coming of age, an extraordinary moment of courage and sacrifice.

On the eve of the 6oth anniversary of D-Day, Barris takes us back to those momentous few hours that forever changed the course of our history in the voices of those who were there. In what might be described as Canada’s longest day, we follow the course of action hour by hour, minute by minute, as we meet and follow the soldiers who leapt off landing craft into the shallow waters off Normandy, who were strafed by machinegun fire before they could even reach shore. We meet the airmen who flew fighters and bombers in the early hours of the summer morning, as well as the sailors who manned the guns of the ships offshore.

Ted Barris has interviewed hundreds of veterans to piece together one of Canada’s proudest days, and one of the most significant battles of our time.

*Présentation en anglais seulement. Désolé des inconvénients.

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